Alabama Orthopaedics

Dr. Aaron Casp

Dr. Stephen Cope

Dr. Stephen Cowleya

Dr. Jeffery Cuomo

Dr. Jeffery Cusmariu

Dr. Stanton Davis

Dr. Jason Determann

Dr. Adam Dooley

Dr. Jeffery Dugas

Dr. Benton Emblom

Dr. Michael Eslava

Dr. Ashey Estes

Dr. Ray Fambrough

Dr. Frank Fondren

Dr. Leslie Fowler

Dr. Brett Franklin

Dr. Michael Freeman

Dr. William Garth

Dr. David Gerhardt

Dr. Samuel Goldstein

Dr. Stephen Gould

Dr. John Greco

Dr. Charles Hartzog

Dr. Jonathan Isbell

Dr. Eric Jansen

Dr. Jonathan Jennings

Dr. Clayton Lane

Dr. Jeffery Lawler

Dr. Troy Layton

Dr. David Lemak

Dr. James Lyle

Dr. Tyler Marshall

Dr. David Matthews

Dr. Billy McGough

Dr. Michael Patterson

Dr. Christopher Patton

Dr. Timothy Pflugner

Dr. Clinton Ray

Dr. Randall Riehl

Dr. Cesar Roca

Dr. Albert Savage

Dr. James Slauterbeck

Dr. Chase Smith

Dr. Matthew Smith

Dr. Robert Surrell

Dr. Dierick Sparks

Dr. William Standeffer

Dr. Robert Walcott

Dr. Trent Wilson

Dr. James Van Worthen

Dr. John Patrick Young


FYI, we’re currently populating this website with the contact information of orthopaedic surgeons in this state and others.  Thank you for your patience.



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